Location of standards 
Legislation: MS Code 37-3-46(b) (general--regarding educator evaluation support) Administrative Rule: Process standard 3.2 in the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards, 2014
Alignment to national standards 
ISLLC 2008
Year of law passage/rule change 
Name and overview of standards 
The Mississippi Standards for School Leaders includes: Shared vision and mission; Sustaining school culture and instructional program; Organizational management; Collaboration with faculty and community members; Integrity and ethics; and Understanding of the political, social, legal, cultural, and economic context.
Use of standards 
Used for licensure
 [1] Mississippi Code Title 37. (n.d.) Education §37-3-49. Instructional programs and management guidelines. Retrieved from http://codes.findlaw.com/ms/title-37-education/ms-code-sect-37-3-49.html... [2] Mississippi Department of Education. (2012). Mississippi standards for school leaders. Retrieved from http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/docs/federal-programs/ms-standards-for-school-l...
Location of standards 
Not publically available
Alignment to national principal supervisor standards 
Not publically available
Year of law passage/rule change 
Overview of standards 
Not publically available
Use of standards 
Not publically available
Presence of principal supervisor job description 
Location of performance evaluation requirement 
SBE Rule 14.19
Year of passage/revision 
Name of evaluation system 
Mississippi Educator and Administrator Professional Growth System
Description of evaluation system 
The evaluation of principal performance is based on collecting evidence of practice through at least three on-site school visits and feedback conferences after each observation. A 360 degree feedback instrument is a future component of the principal evaluation system that is being developed for early implementation in the 2018-2019 school year. Schoolwide student growth is also a future component of the principal evaluation system.
Frequency of performance evaluation 
Intended use of performance evaluation 
Used for professional development and support
Rubric or evaluation instrument 
Administrator Growth Rubric
[1] Mississippi Department of Education. (2016). Administrator growth rubric. Retrieved from http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/docs/teacher-center/administrator-rubric-8-26-1... [2] Mississippi Department of Education. (2016). Mississippi educator and administrator professional growth system. Retrieved from http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/docs/teacher-center/professional-growth-system-... [3] Mississippi Department of Education. (n.d.) Mississippi educator and administrator professional growth system. Retrieved from http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/OTC/professional-growth-system [4] Mississippi State Board of Education. (2016). Rule 14.19: Educator and Principal Evaluation System. Retrieved from http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/docs/2016-board-agenda/tab-11-educator-and-prin...
Principal preparation program accreditation or approval standards 
The Mississippi Educator Preparation Program Review Accreditation Standards include: Content Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions; Assessment; Meaningful Field Experiences; Diversity and Differentiation of Instruction; Faculty Qualification and Practice; Recruitment, Retention, and Partnerships.
Description of program approval review process 
The Mississippi Department of Education serves as the coordinator for the state review of educator preparation programs. The review includes: on-site visits to assess program's ability to meet standards; collection of assessment data; evidence of a 3-year average of 80% pass rate on state license exams; performance and demographic data on admitted candidates and completers; faculty data; review of syllabi; faculty interviews; and feedback for improvement of practice.
Minimum years of educational experience or degree required by candidate for acceptance to principal preparation program 
Hold a 5-year educator license and at least 3 years of teaching experience or for an alternative route certification via the business track, 5 years of supervisory experience
Minimum test scores for preparation program entrance 
For alternative certification in the business track, passing score on the Praxis CORE (Reading 156, Writing162, Mathematics 150), Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching, and SLLA (School Leadership Licensure Assessment 169)
Number of credits in coursework required for graduation 
Not specified
Degree level required for principal entry-level certification or licensure 
Master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in educational administration/leadership or for an alternative route certification in the bsuiness track a Master's of Business, Master's of Public Administration, or Master's of Public Policy.
Field work or internship required for degree or license 
Minimum test score requirements for certification 
School Leaders Licensure Assessment with a minimum score 05 169
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